Andrew P. Doro

How Veteran-Owned Enterprises Benefit the Economy

Whether returning from the service or having been veterans for some time, veterans may contribute to economic growth. Veterans are more likely than non-veterans to establish a business. They are ad...

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Five Good Reasons to Support Military-Owned Businesses

Veterans are a distinct population frequently encountering significant difficulties when seeking finance and expanding their enterprises. Thankfully, several initiatives can aid in the growth and e...

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How Building Amazing Teams Can Help Your Business Growth

Building a fantastic team starts with knowing your core values. Simon Sinek calls this your "why." For example, Steve Jobs' core value was to bring together technology and design, which attracted m...

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The Impact of Medical Staffing on the Health Industry

The transition to outsourcing is causing various changes in the healthcare business. Nonclinical personnel has begun to take on new tasks, such as serving patients and assisting with facility manag...

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Provides Some of the Finest Support and Resources Available to Veterans

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is highly prevalent among veterans awarded VA disability ratings. The intensity and manifestations of this trauma-related disease span a wide range. It manife...

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How a Veteran's Daily Life Can Be Affected by Traumatic Brain Injury

You are not alone if you are a veteran concerned about how a traumatic brain injury may influence your life. Robert Anetz was sent to Iraq in 2009 and experienced intense pressure against his bod...

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How Kingdom Ware Assists Starting Small in 2022 at Veteran Businesses

Kingdomware's recent decision, according to Andrew P. Doro, is a boon for veteran-owned businesses. Millions of dollars will flow into veteran-owned businesses as a result of the decision. This dec...

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